I put up my Christmas tree this past weekend and it's a beauty. Six feet tall, perfectly symmetrical, healthy and best of all, it was only eighteen bucks. That means more money for Christmas Eve cookies and beer for me...er, I mean Santa.

I don't gum it up with too many ornaments, just the ones that the kids made when they were younger and few that we acquired over the years. Our boxer dog, Molly has a cool one too. For me, it's about the lights. I don't need a ton of them, but I love the living room to be lit up purely with the light from the tree. North Korea doesn't feel the same way.

This story kind of cracked me up. South Korea is allowing a Christian organization to build a 30-foot tower that will be decorated like a giant Christmas tree. According to wsj.com This enrages the little lunatic who runs North Korea. Built on a hill just miles from Kaesong, North Korea, the tower is viewed as

a tool for psychological warfare and threatened to fire artillery at it.

You must be doing something right if you get your neighbors so upset. So insanely upset. You can see Kim Jong Un's lower lip quiver, he's so pissed off. Over the years, we've all had disagreements with our neighbors. Lawn grows too long, dog-doo in your yard, beer cans on roof, etc. But, never has anyone threaten to fire artillery at anyone.

My suggestion to South Korea is to hire Clark Griswold to put up the lights this year:

The good news for the North Korea is that they are used to power outages, so that shouldn't be anything they aren't used to.

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