Do you ever worry about what might be living in your Christmas tree if you purchase a real one every year?

I think most of us remember the hilarious scene from the movie, "Christmas Vacation," when the squirrel jumps out of the tree.

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When you're buying a real tree for Christmas, do you ever worry that there's something living in it? If you're getting it at an actual tree lot, I don't think you have to worry about squirrels. Is there anything else you should be worried about?

According to,

"Research has revealed that legions of lice, mites, moths, and spiders are lurking in Christmas trees." 

Now, that's a little scary. I understand the tree has been growing outside and bugs tend to live in them. I never really thought about that possible problem.

"Bugs hibernate for the winter, upon feeling the heat and being awakened by the light, they believe that springtime has arrived and come back to life."

As a kid, my family went out and cut down a tree every year for Christmas. We never seem to have a big issue.

"Unless you have allergies, these surprise visitors shouldn't present too much of a problem. The study also found that most will remain on the trees and soon die owing to a lack of food available to them indoors."

I guess it's something to be aware of.

Have you ever had any bad situations created by having a real Christmas tree?

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