This Saturday, the world's largest women's motorcycle relay is stopping in Rockford.

Today is the first official day of Autumn. That means there are only a few days of riding weather left in the season. I've always considered Rockford a motorcycle town. I know many people who have one. The cool thing is more and more women are doing it. They no longer want to ride on the back. They want their own Hog.

A very cool biker event is coming to Rockford this Saturday.

"The Women Rider's World Relay is coming to Rockford on September 28th. It's a Global relay, the first of its kind is a year-long initiative to raise awareness about female ridership across the world and support ladies that are hitting the road."

"The baton is being passed from female rider to female rider. They are completing routes in several countries. Many of the women are traveling in as many countries as possible. By the time they reach the United Stated, 2000 different riders have been in 52 countries."

"There is an 18-day journey through the U.S. in which day 4 is in Rockford. A "Ripple Relay" will happen in our area that day. That's a ride for the ladies who can't go to the other places."

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