Jasmine Stringer, from Minneapolis, is being paid by Century Link to watch 24 Hallmark Christmas Movies in 12 Days.

Jasmine is the brains behind JB Stringer, and the lifestyle company Carpe Diem with Jasmine. Her book, "Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day" has reached the best sellers list on Amazon, and she's even met Oprah. 

CenturyLinkQuote.com boasted the contest received 218,000 entries for the competition, but they settled on Stringer after finding out how big of a fan she is.

Stringer hosts parties with friends solely to watch the cheesiest Hallmark Christmas movies they can find, but you're not allowed in the door unless you're wearing pajamas.

Now she's getting paid to watch the cheesy films. Just like the one, which name I cannot remember, where a girl meets guy but they don't get along, start to like each other, have a mid-movie misunderstanding, and then they forgive each and get back together with only 90 seconds remaining in the movie. Sorry if that doesn't narrow it down for you.

Jasmine is being joined by her friend Sharon, who watched 5 movies with her this weekend, 3 of which not even being needed for the $1k.

She has to watch 24 movies pre-selected by Century Link:

  1. Write Before Christmas
  2. Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays
  3. Merry & Bright
  4. A Christmas Duet
  5. A Christmas Love Story
  6. Christmas Under Wraps
  7. A Royal Christmas
  8. Christmas in Rome
  9. Christmas Town
  10. A Family Christmas Gift
  11. Jingle & Bell's Christmas Story
  12. The Christmas Consultant
  13. Christmas at Dollywood
  14. Holiday Date
  15. Battle of the Bulbs
  16. Rocky Mountain Christmas
  17. Every Christmas has a Story
  18. A Heavenly Christmas
  19. Two Turtle Doves
  20. Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy
  21. A Gift to Remember
  22. A Gift to Remember 2
  23. Holiday Hearts
  24. Switched for Christmas

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