I wish I loved my life as much as this lady loves toilets.

7 things dirtier than a toilet seat
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When you stumble across a video like this, you realize you've found internet gold.

Beth Lohan apparently loves toilets, a lot. Beth enjoys visiting public restrooms and checking out the hardware.

The location is the Ponderosa in Rockford, and the equipment there seems to be to Beth's liking. She is quite fond of the 1970's Eljier fixtures, which after an extensive Google search proves to be the real deal. I've always just kinda figured if it is relatively clean, it's ready for action.

We all have our passions, I really enjoy old school gyms. The kind of place you walk in and wonder if the rusty equipment is contributing to the stomach turning smell. But Beth obviously really likes her potty's.

After you watch this video because it is the best thing you will see all day, click on her name and search the rest of her uploads. By the way to quote Beth on the Ponderosa toilets:

I love these toilets the urinal is obviously not original and the urinal I really don't like. But otherwise, I love these toilets rating: 10/10

Pull up a seat, and enjoy.


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