A Wisconsin woman was arrested for the most over the top crime, from cover to cover. She did not return a couple library books, so she was arrested and cuffed. SG

Heidi Dalibor received calls, letters in the mail, about two overdue library books. The Grafton Library in Wisconsin, apparently had more than enough of Heidi not returning her library books, so they contacted the authorities. Say what? They called to cops over two books. These books were "several months" overdue, so that warrants the police arresting her...I guess.

So what were the book, you ask? "White Oleander" which was a 1999 Oprah Book Club selection,  and a book called "Angels & Demons." The arrest went down at her families house. Yep, hanging with mom and dad when the cops show up to arrest her over library books. She was arrested, cuffed, put into a squad car and booked for an "overdue library materials ordinance." That I guess is a real thing, what the...

After being booking, she settled with The Grafton Library and paid the $180 fine. The was her several months of fines, and the cost to replace two brand new books. She paid the $180 and kept the two books.

The big trouble in this was while Heidi was avoiding calls and letters from the library, she also ignored a court citation issued to her over these missing books.

So if you still use a library , word to the wise...Return the books when you are done with them.


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