Checking a map for a road trip and stumbling over a town name? That's ok, it apparently happens a lot...Even close to home. One Illinois town made a list of most mispronounced town names in the US. BL

What's funny is that these town names that we can't pronounce, comes BEFORE we throw in our local "slang" to it...You know that local special sauce that changes how the town name is said, again. My best LOCAL example is Joliet, IL.

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Is it:

"Joll-iet" or "Joe-liet?" (This isn't the mispronounced Illinois town name BTW)

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So before we unveil the Illinois town name that is difficult to pronounce, lets look at some others from across the country to better explain things...

Wayzata, Minnesota

Boerne, Texas

La Jolla, California

Worcester, Massachusetts

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Those are some messed up names, I really had to "try hard" on a few of them and still mispronounced them. Oh well, I don't see myself going to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho anytime soon.

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So what about here in Illinois? Everything seems pretty easy to pronounce to me, but if you aren't from here apparently you struggle with this one...


The explanation of this one is priceless, check this out:

There's double the trouble with this town name. Decatur—correctly pronounced as "Dee-kay-tur," not "Deck-ah-ter"—is located in the state of Illinois, which some unfortunately say with the "s" sound on the end. - Best Life Online

Oh yes the ole "s" at the end of Illinois...It's silent people.


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