A Wisconsin woman was jailed back in 2009 for having a "Mushroom Operation" in her home. Madison 

Madison, Wi police responded to a call where it was reported that a woman was unconscious and not breathing on the front porch of a house.

Morel Mushrooms Should Start Popping Up In Rockford This Week
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21 year old Linda Pletzova, magically came to and took off running before the police could do anything...Geez, I wonder why she split?

Morel mushroom in the frying pan

Pletzova was later arrested for maintaining a drug dwelling and possession with intent to deliver...Mushrooms. That's right, not the fungi on your pizza but the fungi that makes visions of sugarplums dance in your head...and sing Doors songs.

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This is what was found in Linda's home after a police search:

Plate of about 20 suspected hallucinogenic mushrooms

Several syringes

Other items associated with illegal drug use

Twenty-three glass canning jars containing bird seed, which is used to start growing hallucinogenic mushrooms

25 dried mushrooms

17 jars and other containers with suspected mushroom spores

This isn't a Mario Bros super fan of some sort of dietitian thang, this is an illegal "Mushroom Grow" operation.

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So what about Linda being knocked out on the front porch? When the cops questioned those involved, they were informed that some guy performed CPR on her and she was totally fine...Fine enough to get up and run away I guess.

Possible O.D. on her own stuff, and then 'shroom land was shut down. You do not get to go the the "next level" and save the princess, game over.

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