What started as a "routine traffic stop" in Racine County, Wisconsin led to a massive drug bust north of the border.


Back in June, the silver car shown in this video was pulled over for no front license plate and illegal window tint. The results of this traffic stop save lives, tons of them.


The driver of the car is hesitant at first to exit the car, refusing to do so at the officer calmly and nicely asked him to get out. The warning flags go off because of the driver staying put in the car.


When the gentleman finally agrees to get out and head to the back of the car, you can already sense the the driver is going to pee himself...here comes the K-9.

iStockphoto, Getty Images

How long does it take a K-9 officer to smell out the goods this fella was hiding? Seconds. Now...how does the human officer get to the narcotics? This guy had things hidden inside a secret compartment in his car...sorry dude.


What was found in this hidden section on his car? $110k worth of cocaine with fentanyl. That combo can cause death, and a lot of it. The total weight is about 2kg which is now off the streets of Wisconsin and this bad guy will be serving hard time.

Here is the video of the officer's body cam, of this massive drug bust. Was the criminal telling him how to get into the secret compartment? Listen close.

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