Illinois horror fans are excited about the annual all-night movie festival coming to the Midway Drive-In.

A parked car at a drive-in movie theater.

The Best Way To Enjoy A Movie

The absolutely best way to enjoy a movie is at a drive-in theater. It's such a fun experience for the whole family. Of course, horror flicks are the best films to watch on an outdoor screen. Being outside definitely takes the scary to the next level.

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So Glad Drive-In Theaters Made A Comeback In Illinois

If there was one good thing that came out of the pandemic, that was the return of the drive-in movie theater. I'm so glad the kids today get a chance to be a part of that entertainment history.

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One Of Illinois' Best Drive-In Movie Theaters

If you're looking to check out an outdoor theater before the end of the summer, the Midway Drive-In located in Sterling is a great place to hit. They have a real old-school feel to them. For more info, HERE.

Midway Drive-In To Host All-Night Horror Movie Fest

Now, to combine this drive-in theater with a horror movie festival. Wait, there's more. It's going to be all night from dusk to dawn. How cool is that? The date is Saturday, September 24th. Now for the important information, What's playing?

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

They Live


More Fun At The Horror Movie Festival At Midway Drive-In Theater

There will also be a fourth film added for the night. Other fun things will include Horror vendors, Horror movie trailers, vintage concession ads, and so much more. To purchase tickets, HERE.

For more info, HERE.

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