Here's a different way to enjoy Independence Day this summer.

Honestly, it's getting kind of depressing. Every time I log onto Facebook, there's another summer event canceled or postponed. The weather is getting nice and there's going to be nothing to do.

Hopefully, we can figure out some different ways to entertain ourselves this year. It just takes a little bit of imagination. That's one thing that has really shined during the pandemic is everyone's creativity.

I believe the 4th of July is normally a great time of year to be hanging out in the state line area. The celebrations are plentiful. Unfortunately, they're not happening. Well, it's time to get out brain caps and figure out some unique ideas.

I think this city is Wisconsin might be on to something.

According to,

"The city of Waukesha is planning to host a reverse fourth of July parade to protect the health of citizens. This parade will be nothing like what you've seen before. Parade floats will be stationary and placed around the pre-planned parade route. Waukesha citizens who attend the parade will then drive the route and check out the various floats. This way, citizens can social distance while still celebrating the fourth of July with an annual parade."

I love it. It's similar to the Festival of Lights or Snow Sculpting Competition only with parade floats instead. I think people would really enjoy that.

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