To win Twitter's "Best City" honor, a Wisconsin town crushes New York City.

Greatest Cities In The World

For a long time, awards for the best city and other similar honors went to places like Miami and Los Angeles in the United States, and around the world locations like Paris and Rome are at the top of the list.


Lately, there seems to have been a changing of the guard. For example, Chicago won awards for "coolest neighbor" and "most fun city." That definitely encourages other less famous towns that it is possible for them to be honored.


Wisconsin City Honored By Twitter

First of all, it is a big surprise that a city in Wisconsin would be named "the best," let alone on somewhere like Twitter. Not only did Milwaukee win the contest but they crushed New York City in the finals.


According to, 

"When it comes to the best city in America, the Big Apple can’t hold a candle to our beloved Brew Town."


"In the championship matchup of an NCAA-style tournament of 64 American cities on Twitter, Milwaukee crushed New York, beating the most populous city in America on Friday by a whopping 70.4% to 29.6%, with a total of 11,994 votes cast."


"And, of course, who didn’t think Milwaukee wouldn’t reign supreme, what with the Bucks, Brewers, Summerfest, and all that delicious beer."


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Congrats to Milwaukee. You are a great city and I am a big fan.

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