A Wisconsin middle school was forced to close it's doors...No it's not a COVID outbreak, it's a SPIDER outbreak. Teachers and kids were bitten. MyStateline

Spiders...when there is one on a wall, floor, etc...I'm the go to. I can kill a spider, no biggie. But I KNOW people that are absolutely freaked out by them. Yes wife, I'm looking at you.

Wolf spiders are members of the family Lycosidae in web

Wilson Middle School in Manitowoc, Wi was closed because of spiders. A student and teacher were bitten by yellow sac spiders, that was the type of spider that took over this school. After extermination crews were called in, they ended up killing 30 plus yellow sac spiders.

Arachnid Attack
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Just imagine those kids, and I guess some of the teachers...Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look...SPIDERS. This is for sure a Hitchcock movie, or probably just a good TikTok video...

These yellow sac spiders, are a Wisconsin thing. Surprised they aren't yellow and green, anyway...They are outdoor spiders, that want to be inside for the winter. I don't blame them. So apparently they ALL went inside the Wilson Middle School in Manitowoc, Wi.

Huge 8-Eyed Wolf Spiders May Invade Your Home This Fall in Illinois
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These yellow sac spiders are venomous, but not deadly. You'll just feel dead...inside, But you won't die, whew. If the yellow sac spider bites you, it can cause swelling, itching and pain...but no death. Not full on death, just a little death.

The kids and teachers got a long weekend, but they are back in action this week spider free...hopefully.


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