This Wisconsin woman was willing to pay $1000 and provide "favors" to a hit man, for killing her ex. SG

Jessica Strom wanted her lawyer fiance, dead. Like dead, dead...and now...and would do anything to make it happen. When I say anything, yep I mean that.
She wanted this hitman, who was a pilot to just go to his work, shoot him and walk away. Initially she threw out a $1000 offer for the murder. But as the pilot/hit man started to question the actions...more was added to the offer.

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They set up a meeting in person, to hopefully get this murder for hire set up. She made her initial $1000 offer, even thought he hitman originally wanted $50,000. He said $1000 would work after he had a night to think about it.

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The hitman agreed to the $1000...“It’s better than nothing, I guess.” To which Strom replied:

 And some sex, pay you and **** you and whatever.” - Jessica Strom 

The pilot/hitman went to the police to let them know about the "murder for hire" and police raided Strom's home. Of course she told the cops she was only kidding about the whole murder thing.

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She was arrested for conspiracy to commit first degree murder. Jessica was hit with a $250,000 cash bond for her offers, to have her ex whacked.

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