Sushi is catching on fire in Wisconsin restaurants.

I don't know much about sushi because I'm not a fan. I thought it was raw fish, so I'm confused about how this could happen.

Sushi has been causing fires in Wisconsin restaurants.

According to,

"Deep-fried tempura flakes, a key ingredient on sushi rolls have been linked to a series of restaurant fires in multiple states. Five of them occurred in Wisconsin and in the capital, Madison, where two restaurants sustained more than $500,000 combined in fire damage."

Here's the reason why it happens.

"The crunchy flakes are made by ladling drops of batter into a deep fryer, canola and soybean oils are commonly used. Both vegetable oils have a propensity to self-heat and that keeping the mix densely piled in a pot or bowl does not allow the heat to dissipate. It is no different than the chemical reaction that causes more well-known substances to spontaneously combust."

Who knew sushi was flammable?

If you're making your own at home, please be careful.


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