A Wisconsin man just finished a unique physical accomplishment that people from all over the world dream about doing but only a rare few can complete the full journey.

Wisconsin Man Earns The Six-Star Finisher Medal For Running

I want to start by saying I think this is an amazing accomplishment and even more special because so few have been able to do it. I can't even imagine trying just one phase of the journey, let alone completing all three. To me, it seems darn right impossible.

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I think my main problem with this challenge is I'm not a big fan of running for pleasure. I'll walk my feet off but forget about picking up the pace. It's just way hard on my body. I appreciate people that can do it, especially regularly.

I have a friend who jogs all the time. He has a daily routine but that's not it. He'll run in 5K races quite a bit. My buddy has even done a half and full marathon. The guy loves it but, of course, I have to make fun of him. I always say to him, "You've got to be crazy for running all the time for fun like that."

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WI Runner Earns Six Star Finisher Medal (sport point)

A runner from Wisconsin just earned an award that not many can accomplish. He was given the Six Star Finisher Medal. The only way to win that honor is by completing all six World Marathon Majors which include Boston, Chicago, London, Berlin, New York City, and Tokyo.


Think about it like this. A marathon is 26.2 miles each. That's 157.2 for all six races total. That doesn't even include any other running he's doing to prepare or part of his daily routine. To put it in perspective. If you run a round trip from Rivets Stadium to Wrigley Field, it's 78 miles each way (156 total). Doesn't that sound crazy?

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Congrats to Dan Bertler of Wisconsin for completing this amazing physical challenge. You are now a member of an elite group of athletes.

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