Sometimes you see something online and it makes you say, "only in _______".

That's what happened when I saw this

Only in Wisconsin. I'm no snow expert, but I'd bet a lot of money that's not how you're supposed to transport a snowmobile. According to the Facebook post, what you SHOULD do is -

This isn’t a safe way to transport a snowmobile. If you’re transporting equipment this winter, you are advised to safely haul it secured on a trailer or in a truck.

The comment section is pure gold. But I think this was my favorite comment I saw -

Credit Wisconsin Department of Transportation Via Facebook

This one got me too -

Credit Wisconsin Department of Transportation Via Facebook

I also love all the people tagging their friends like, "OMG this would totally be you." As funny as it is, it's incredibly unsafe and should be an example of what NOT to do with your snowmobile.

If you are hauling any large equipment this year, get a trailer, and use it in a safe and proper manner.

'Tis the season for snow!

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