Did you know if you went to a bar, got drunk, and passed out in your car you could be charged with a DUI? I have always had a problem with this because essentially you are punishing someone for being safe. Today I am curious. Can you give someone a DUI while they're shopping for a new car? Hmmmm...

Alcohol makes you do funny things, dumb things, and dangerous things. A man in Wisconsin would agree because he did all three.

That is the story. Apparently you CAN'T get a DUI while shopping for a car. LOL. I am sorry because I can't help laughing at this entire scenario. Who drinks while buying a car?

Don't get me wrong.  Dealing with a used car salesman might make me want to drink too.

Public intoxication is definitely frowned upon. Especially when you're shopping for something you can get a DUI in.


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