By the video it "looks like" this man knows what he's doing? He's upright, in control, not yelling or freaking out, but then this happened.

Over the weekend in Wausau, WI this footage was captured at Lake Wausau of this man flying out of the water at a high rate of speed. Apparently he though the wheels were gonna pop out of the bottom and he was going to drive home?

According to the YouTube post:

Witnesses say the boat driver climbed out of the boat and left the scene. Multiple empty beer cans were left scattered on the floor of the boat. No one was injured at the boat landing. - Shereen Siewert


"Climbed," yes it did...thankfully no one was hurt during this event, this could have ended poorly. "Violations of boat landing regulations" comes with a hefty fine, and I'm imagining the DUI was pricey too. Check this out!


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