Wisconsin folks sure do enjoy a liquid lunch, or maybe a few cocktails at lunch before heading back to work...yikes! WEARE

Wisconsin can and will consume large amounts of alcohol regardless of the time of day, location, reason, season, etc etc...A new study has found that Wisconsin people drink more at lunch time than any other state.

Truly, "it's 5 o'clock somewhere," right? Across the United States, so far in 2023, 16% of America's lunch bill is booze. That doesn't seem too high, right? What about in Wisconsin, how about we almost double that??? 30% on a lunch bill in Wisconsin, alcohol. Nice work!

There are states that are WAY below this average...Arkansas 10%, New Jersey and Utah 9% and New York is only 8%. So why is Wisconsin boozing so damn much at lunchtime?

Alcohol consumption as a whole, no matter the time of day...Wisconsin likes to booze. DHSWISC Ranking 3rd in the country for total alcohol consumption:

  1. Washington D.C. (68.7%)
  2. New Hampshire (64.6%)
  3. Wisconsin (64.4%)

The amount of alcohol consumed per "drinking session" is extremely high too...Almost 3 drinks every time they consume alcohol, that is THE highest in the country.


To get specific with Wisconsin, Milwaukee is where the big lunchtime boozers are. Out of everything consumed at lunchtime, 26% of what's purchased is alcohol in Wisconsin.

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