Jamie Dobis' trip to Las Vegas turned into 15 minutes of fame and a potential paycheck.

Yes, that's her with Chris Harris. No, she wasn't on Bachelor/Bachelorette-related reality show. She was, in fact, on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

In an interview with WREX Jamie says she (and her sister) spontaneously went to a two-day taping of the and ended up being a contestant on the second day. She didn't play for $1,000,000 but she had a shot at $1,000.

The two went two days in a row and sat in the audience. On the second day of watching contestants answer questions, Dobis was selected to answer the Thousandaire Question.

Jamie hasn't said if she won the $1,000 - leaving us with no other choice but to watch at 2:30 this afternoon on WREX.

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