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According to ESPN with the rebirth of the USFL in 2022, they have retained the team names for some of the original USFL franchises...and they will roll with at least eight teams. So what about the Chicago Blitz??

Tom Thayer, (former Bear) Reggie White, Herschel Walker, Steve Young and Jim Kelly are some of the big names that played USFL back in the day that went on to NFL greatness.

The USFL has team up with Fox Sports for the 2022 relaunch of this shirt lived spring football league. Like I said, they have eight franchises ready to roll, including Los Angeles Express, Tampa Bay Bandits, Houston Gamblers and the Chicago Blitz! 

This is awesome, the return of a couple different pro football leagues and the Chicago Blitz to the USFL.

Along with Donald Trumps former USFL, we will also have MORE football with the XFL planning a return. The XFL is now owned by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The USFL in planning a Spring 2022 kick-off...

"The relaunch of the USFL is a landmark day for football fans and Fox Sports, football is in our DNA and the return of this innovative and iconic league is a fantastic addition to our robust slate of football programming." - Fox Sports CEO Eric Shanks

Now what about this XFL restart, Rocky? There was a Chicago Enforcers team that played at Soldier Field for a year. Double T and myself went to a game, and it was awesome!

The more pigskin the better...let's go!


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