For the first time in 150 years, a wild turkey has been seen in Chicago.

I don't know if you could call it lucky but in Rockford, we can see wild turkeys wandering around town all the time. I guess that's one thing we have that Chicago doesn't.

Well, until now.

According to,

"The big news in recent days among Chicago birdwatchers is that a wild turkey has shown up near Chicago’s lakefront for the first time in, oh, 150 or so years. Among people, the turkey’s appearance near the lakefront has been almost as exciting as a photo of a black hole."

“For one to show up, as this one has, along the lakefront, is stunning. It’s mind-blowing that this bird has been able to successfully navigate the heavy traffic and other dangers of the inner city, essentially walking and running along streets, alleys, and through parks.”

Next time you road trip into Chicago, be on the lookout for wild turkeys.


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