It's the first week of August, and in Rockford you would think it's the last week of October!

Tuesday night I was the emcee for "National Night Out" in downtown Roscoe. This is a great little festival to celebrate community, put on by the Roscoe Police Department.

Since last year everything was cancelled, there was no fest so we were excited to get back out again! Plenty of food, and fun for the entire family.

In 2019 we brought with us a bunch of things for the kids including, candy. Candy always wins.

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Getty Images

There was one glaring problem this year. We struck out big time FINDING candy in Rockford. Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, yes Walmart...totally missing candy big time. Look at this:


What in the world is going on, Rockford? Last summer there was no toilet paper, and hand sanitizer when people freaked...but candy, what gives? Seriously it's August.

Is there a shortage of candy making and packaging employees? Did Mars go on strike and I didn't hear about it? Or, did the new guy in our building simply buy it all. "New" Brian down the hall has a fish bowl LOADED with the best of the best candy, I like him already.

I reached out to Willy Wonka earlier today and got a "no comment." There was something he said that rhymed but it was complete nonsense.

Let's hope that the candy demand is stepped up the next three months, or there will be a lot of toilet paper in trees...or nasty Tik Tok videos...or something.

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