Guilford and Mulford is my absolute least favorite intersection in the world.

I drive down Guilford to get to the radio station every day.

As I drive west down Guilford I cringe for many reasons when I reach Mulford Road.

guilford and mulford
Google Maps

First off, it is a one lane road. Yes, there is a left turn lane at the intersection. That is for people to turn left. There is also a small lane on the right hand side as well, which I can only assume, because there is no markings, is a right hand turn lane.

Nothing makes me more angry than sitting behind a line of 12 cars in the 'center' lane to have some jerk go speeding on the shoulder, step on the gas through the tiny little right turn lane, to just go straight and try to beat all of the cars in the 'center' lane.

Come on now! That is just stupid and dangerous. I once saw a guy try to do that at a similar intersection and he ended up hitting a kid on a bicycle. It was terrifying.

The second reason why I hate that intersection, is because once I cross Mulford, I enter the 'Guilford Danger Zone.'

guilford danger zone
Google Maps

There have been countless numbers of accidents on this small stretch of road on Guilford between Alpine and Mulford. It's has one turn in particular that makes me extremely nervous.

I was once involved in a hit and run accident going around that curve. There are a few residential streets that filter out to Guilford. Sometimes cars come flying out of those streets because they can't see traffic around the curve. Again very dangerous.

For me, it has to be the most dangerous place I travel each day.

What is your least favorite intersection or road in Rockford? Let me know in the comments below.


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