Why does it take so long to drive from Rockford to Chicago?

Everybody has a hobby. Some people like playing golf. Others going fishing. I enjoy concerts and sporting events.

I don't mind driving out of town to attend them. I have friends that refuse to go to anything in Chicago because of the traffic. They much rather go somewhere like Milwaukee. If they can't go see the band in another city, they will skip it.

I understand if you're going into Chicago, it's not just a simple trip. You have to plan ahead and leave really early. It turns into an all day thing.

The last time I went into the United Center, it took me three hours to get there. After the show, I was home in just over an hour. I understand it's a big city, but that seems a little crazy.

Why is it so bad to go to Chicago?

"Chicagoans spend 32.4 minutes commuting one way between work and home."

    "Compared with other U.S. cities, Chicago finished just ahead of Philadelphia (31.2 minutes) and New York (29.5 minutes). Miami and Los Angeles rounded out     the top five with average one-way commute times of 29.5 minutes and 28.9 minutes."

"Nationwide, the average commute takes 25.5 minutes, according to the report."

"The most populous city with the shortest average commute time is Omaha, Nebraska (18.4 minutes)."

Well, that explains why it takes so long to get to Chicago. I think I'll stick with my eight minute commute to work.


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