The next time you're in a big public parking lot, count how many cars have backed into their spot. What gives, why the backwards stuff people? Could you just want to show off your vehicle? Could that help you find your vehicle in the lot when you leave the store? Here's a few real reasons.

It is actually safer

*AAA recommends that drivers reverse into parking spaces whenever possible, except where prohibited by law or parking lot restrictions. When faced with angled parking, drivers should follow the flow of traffic and pull forward into the parking space." - NewsroomAAA

Midwest Weather

It's so much easier to just pull straight out of a parking spot when the weather leaves you questioning everything you do. Whether it's a bunch of snow to plow through or a hard rain that messes with your visibility, pulling straight out of a spot should help!

Possible car issues/Needing a Jump

You're at Walmart and you need a jump. If the front of your car is sticking out, attaching those jumper cables will be a heck of a lot easier. Back into that spot if things are questionable.

The Backup Camera Makes it Easy

After the backup cameras had been introduced for a while and people became used to using them, the number of accidents where people were injured or even killed with backing their car up, dropped. Edmunds

There you go. Be safe, back into your spot, and use that backup camera whenever you can.

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