A grilled cheese restaurant in Providence, RI has had to pull a sandwich from their menu. They have since issued an apology to their customers as well. The restaurant in question is called UMelt: A Grilled Cheese Store and the sandwich was call "White Trash". The "White Trash" is a grilled cheese which consisted of mac and cheese and pulled pork and is now being renamed. They've also had sandwiches named  the "Sloppy Ho" (large roast beef, onions, BBQ sauce and cheddar) and  the "Frigid Bitch" (turkey, spinach, chive cream cheese, cucumbers, tiger sauce and sprouts).

The names of any of these sandwiches don't both me in the least bit. In fact, I think they're funny and sound delicious!  What I wanna know is how do we go about getting something like a UMelt in Rockford? I mean, seriously who wouldn't love a grilled cheese restaurant in town?!?! I would love to see it happen. Take a look at their menu, I'm sure you'll agree too. And if not a brick and mortar building, I'd be totally cool with a food truck too.

But if a grilled cheese store is too tall of an order, what restaurant in Rockford is willing to make something close to the "White Trash"? Because I think it looks amazing and would love to try it!!!!

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