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This Saturday night at 6:30 on WTVO (replay Sunday  at 9:30pm on Fox 39) we find out the answer to a Rockford question, that we all need the answer to...Who is smarter, Rockford Police or Rockford Firefighters.

Now I could give you the "spoiler" on this since I attended the taping of this episode a few weeks back, but I won't. This is one of those episodes of "Stateline Quiz Bowl" that will make you laugh and shake your head for sure.

Normally, Stateline Quiz Bowl is high school kids (that are way too damn smart) battling in a quiz show format. School vs school, smart kids making their parents proud. Not sure how many parents will be proud after this one...

The RPD and RFD assembled their smartest, I think, and took to the stage at the Nordlof Center in downtown Rockford. The two team sat apart from each other (literally the opposite sides on the theatre) and when it was time, they hit the stage to test their smarts, or lack there of.

There were laughs, nervousness, lots of head scratching, and a good time was had by all. We had to be extremely quiet up in the seats watching this...that was really hard.

Here's a short preview at about the :31 second mark of this video:

Great job by Eric Wilson, hosting this episode and not slamming his note cards down at any point, "Seriously you don't know these answers!?!" Enjoy, laugh, and feel smarter.

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