Remember around this time last year when we were all excited for another season of Rockford City Market to begin and then heard the news that the opening date had been postponed due to COVID-19? Yeah, I remember it too, and it sucked!

Thankfully things are looking up in 2021 when it comes to the pandemic, and I have spied 2021 market dates....that start in May...on Rockford City Market's website!

Rockford City Market's 2021 outdoor market season is listen to open Friday, May 21 and run through September 24, 2021.

Now, before we all get too excited, I must admit I have not noticed an "official" announcement about the start of the 2021 season on Rockford City Market's Facebook yet. They are currently accepting vendor applications, so to me, that seems like everything is on track to open right around Memorial Day per usual...or maybe that is just my wishful thinking? I hope not!

I'm also assuming that the start of the 2021 season of Rockford City Market will follow the same COVID-19 protocols that they did when it was finally able to fire up in 2020. Those protocols included; following social distancing guidelines and wearing a face mask when it wasn't possible to maintain social distance, and not touching vendor products until a sale was made. 

Obviously, we are not out of this pandemic yet, and there is still over a month before the start of the season, so things can quickly change. Let's just all mark the date on our calendars now, and hope the COVID numbers keep working in our favor!


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