Who do you think is the Unofficial Mayor of Rockford?

Rockford has an "Official" Mayor already. It's Tom McNamara and he just took office a few months ago. I'm not trying to replace him.

I'm talking about someone that is good in the community and a lot of people know. They would never run for Mayor, but if they did there's a good chance they could win. Especially, if they are well liked.

I used to joke that Whitney Martin, who was a news anchor at WIFR, could easily run for Mayor of Rockford and actually have a chance to win. Of course, she would never run. That would make her an "Unofficial" Mayor.  She did so much for this community and hosted many great events. She moved to Milwaukee, so she can no longer be our "Unofficial" Mayor.

I could make it simple and pick one of the Nielsen's. Either Rick, Miles, or Daxx, but they all travel a lot.

Maybe someone that everyone knows from their TV commercials like Dr. T from Dental Dimensions, Lonnie from Lonnie's Carpet Max, or John from Mr. C's Family Restaurant.

Other possibilities could include a Rockford IceHog or Rivets player. A driver from Rockford Speedway. Why not Fred VanVleet?

How about Paul Logli? He's funny and hosts a lot events.

My pick for "Unofficial" Mayor of Rockford is Kevin McCarthy.

If you don't know him, you definitely need to meet him. He works weekends on 96.7 The Eagle.

He is a huge supporter of everything Rockford. He's out almost every night of the week socializing with people. He's watching bands, going to festivals, and attending events. If there is something going on in Rockford, he is there to support it. Plus, he's a super friendly guy. Everybody that knows him, likes him.

I always joke around with him and call him Mr. Mayor. Maybe, I'll just start calling him Mr. "Unofficial" Mayor.

Who would you pick to be the "Unofficial" Mayor of Rockford?


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