Here in Rockford, we're pretty lucky to have not one, but two fantastic locally-made chips!

I really don't have a favorite out of the two either, I determine which one I'm gonna have based on how I feel at that time. Kinda like the old Almond Joy/Mounds commercials.

At Kelly's Market on Forest Hills yesterday and after grabbing my Dr. Pepper I noticed a different color among the bags of Ole Salty's. By the green, I already knew it was a jalapeno flavor and was already on board! It's always between that and BBQ at the sandwich shops as my go-to chip.

Jalapeno Ole Salty's - Steph TSM Rockford
Jalapeno Ole Salty's - Steph TSM Rockford

So I grabbed a bag, of course, and let me tell ya, they didn't disappoint. So good!

Now I wanna know how I didn't know about them before because these are now my favorite Ole Salty's!

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