A Rockford staple is changing things up a bit! And no we're not talking about the lack of hydrogenated oils either.

As they announced on their Facebook page Thursday, Mrs. Fisher's will now feature a new design on their bags. Along with the design change, new flavors are also a thing now too!

New designs and flavors for the Rockford favorite
New designs and flavors for the Rockford favorite

Fans of the Rockford famous chip can now get a variety of flavors!

Besides the original regular and rippled recipe, you can now get them in BBQ, Black Pepper, French Onion, Dark, and rippled Cheddar and Sour Cream. The Dark flavor is made from a different potato than the rest. That's how it gets its name.

With the new line of flavors, I wonder if this means will see others in the future. I know I'd like to see a Jalapeno flavor some day.

Mrs. Fisher's post says these new flavors and design is already on store shelves, so be on the lookout Rockfordians!

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