Captain Jack is taking some time off, so I raided his office to find something to give away this weekend.

Captain Jack is MIA. Well, he isn't missing actually... he's got a lot of stuff going on this week and weekend.

He gave me a call and said I was in charge. Is he crazy!?

So, while the boss is gone, there was only one logical thing to do. I stole his office keys, I broke in and searched around.

I learned a few things while I was in his office. He has terrible handwriting, his chair is much more comfortable than mine, his office smells like protein powder and he has been hiding things from me.

YES... he has been hiding LIMITED EDITION items in his office. Well, little does he know... I TOOK THEM!

Listen this weekend for deep cuts from your favorite artists because I'll be playing them all weekend long. While you are at it, keep the number 815-227-9670 in your phone so you can win what I stole from his office.

Want to know what the prize is? Find out in the video below!

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