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If you are a pizza distributor by trade, heading north might be a great idea. This study breaks down pizza delivery state by state. Zippia

The stats for a state by state of pizza delivery are laid out like this:


Total Pizza Delivery Driver Jobs


Average Annual Salary


Lowest 10 Percent Earn


Highest 10 Percent Earn


Location Quotient


So now that you know the way this works, here are the saucy details for Illinois and out neighbors to the north. Illinois comes in 50th. Wait, how many states do we have? With 1454 pizza delivery jobs available and the annual income of $20,656...dead last.

Now up in Wisconsin, they come in at #2 for pizza delivery! 1207 jobs are available with an average income of $26,429...but the highest 10% make $38,000....delivering pie!

The Top 5 States For Pizza Delivery:

1. Vermont

2. Wisconsin

3. Oregon

4. Nebraska

5. Alaska

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