Have you ever looked at a looked door and wondered what's behind it?

Have you ever been to somebody's house and thought, what's in that room? Why is that door closed? Maybe at work there is a locked door where no one ever goes. Doesn't it make you think? What are they trying to hide?

Is it a panic room?

Video: Trailer for Panic Room

I read a story recently where an employee set up a bedroom at their work. Imagine getting into a locked room at work and it was someone's home.

According to the UPI website, "A Rhode Island city employee was disciplined after a photo of a makeshift bedroom set up in a city building circulated on social media. Officials confirmed the photo of a bed with a nightstand, coffee maker, and a pair of slippers was taken on the second floor of the Cranston Highway Department building."

I work for the Rockford IceHogs down at the BMO Harris Bank Center. After each game, I pass by this locked door labeled " El Vato Equipment Room."

Everytime I walk by it, I think what's in that room?

Simple logic would say, it's says "Elevator Equipment Room," but it's just missing a couple of letters. It makes sense, there are elevators in the building.

I can't help but let my imagination run wild.

I wasn't sure what "El Vato" meant, so I googled it.

First thing, I found that it's a Spanish TV show on NBC Universo. No, that's not it.

Video: El Vato TV Show

According to spanishdict.com, the English translation for "El Vato" is "dude, guy, man (very slang, derogatory) (Mexico)."

Is it a place where guys store things like tools? That's no fun.

Does it have anything to do with the song "Vato" from Snoop Dog? I'm guessing not.

Video: Snoop Dog - Vato (NSFW)

What I always think whenever I walked by that door is the movie, "The Big Lebowski" starring with Jeff Bridges as "The Dude"

Video: "The Big Lebowski" Official Trailer

I've got a great idea. Next time I work an IceHogs game down at the BMO, I'll just ask somebody.


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