Sunshine and lots of warmth this weekend, if you are going to be outside follow this guide.


Do you prepare your skin before you go outside? Do you simply buy the cheapest lotion and go for it?

According to Tropic here is how you gauge what to put on your skin before spending a day in the sun. Don't be afraid to lay it on thick too people, be safe out there!


  • Very Fair Skin - Burn easy - SPF 30-50
  • Fair Skin - Minimally tan - SPF 30-50
  • Light - Tan eventually - SPF 15-30
  • Medium - Always - SPF 6-15
  • Dark - Rarely Burn - SPF 2-10
  • Very Dark - Never Burn SPF - 2-10


Stay safe out there! Hydrate, apply sunscreen, and have fun. OH and take The Eagle with you, click below!