What state dislikes Illinois and which state does Illinois dislike?

I would compare rivalries between states kind of like sports teams. You've got pride in your home state and you don't like the others.

When I first saw this report, I just figured there was no love lost between any of them. That was not the case, well except New York. they hate everyone. Well, I would guess there aren't many fans of them across the country either.

Let's take a look at Illinois. Off the top of my head, I would guess the biggest hatred would go towards Wisconsin. Partly, because of the rivalry with all the sports teams. Surprising, that is wrong. People in the Land of Lincoln dislike Indiana the most. Well, I guess I can kind of see that.

Ironically, the feelings of Wisconsin and Indiana aren't mutual. The Cheeseheads hate Illinois the most. Probably because of all the Weekend Warriors that head up there every weekend causing traffic and commotion. I guess Indiana doesn't have a big problem with Illinois because Kentucky tops their hate list.

It's all pretty interesting. Check it out for yourself thanks to the Barstool Sports Facebook page.

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