Finding the perfect outfit for prom is tough. Finding one to match your date is even harder. I'm taking notes from these couples on what not to wear.

I didn't know that ladies wore suits to prom? What is she, the prize winning horse at the state fair with that ribbon on her?

This is obviously a Mardi Gras Prom right?

The blue hat and the wedding dress really tie this pair together, skip prom and elope.

Classy red outfit for the classy plastic red carpet.

Yes. I need this dress.

Why the sad face? I think you both look awesome.

Note to self: Don't wear a green dress in front of a green screen.

Ugh, I'm just scared.

Our Totally Retro Prom is coming up soon. I can't wait to see what outrageous outfits are on display that day. Why don't you come and join us! It's May 30th at Giovanni's and tickets are on sale now!