Shut the front door! Any kid (or parent alike) in the 80s knew the magical powers of LeVar Burton's show "Reading Rainbow." He is now asking your support as he wants to bring back the show!

While fumbling through, a website which takes donations to fund projects, I came across that familiar smiling face from my youth. It is true, Burton wants to bring back Reading Rainbow!

After reading what LeVar had so say on his campaign, I would have to agree with him. Put the books where the kids are, the internet. (After all that's how you read our fancy blogs.) He's looking for a million dollars to help him bring it back.

What do you get for your donations? Well...for your $50 donation you will receive a "Reading Rainbow" mug, $400 will get you a personalized voice mail message from Burton and the list goes on an on. LeVar? I'll give you $5... what do I get? Nah... I don't want anything in return LeVar.

If you have never been blessed by the awesomeness of "Reading Rainbow" I feel bad for you. Take a moment and relive your youth with this:

If that doesn't make you want to read a book, I don't know what will.

Funding "Reading Rainbow" isn't the only way to relive the 'good ole' days'... join us for our Totally Retro Prom on Friday! It's benefiting the Boys and Girls Club and tickets are going fast!


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