Being in the alcohol serving profession can be quite interesting.

Bartender placing cocktail on bar, smiling, portrait

My person rule of thumb is to always treat your server and/or bartender with respect and tip well. You are nice and take care of them, they do the same for you.

If you have never worked in this industry, it's filled with all types of drama and customers that know way more than you do. But you carry on with a smile and try to take care of the customers the best you can.

A good friend of Tina's, Kevin Gliwa from Drop Lounge in Chicago sent me this list of bar lingo. When you tell your bartender one of the following, this is what they are really hearing:


I KNOW THE OWNER - Means you don't know the owner and wouldn't even recognize him standing in front of you. You having his business card means nothing to me.

I HAVE NO ID - You should know better, get away from me and don't use "I know the owner".

MAKE IT STRONG - so you want me to pour extra booze to you for free because you said to. You now get water

I'LL TAKE CARE OF YOU - so when my washer or dryer breaks down you will let me use yours that's taking care of me.....Asking me to split the bill 3 ways for 7 drinks and tipping me $2 is not talking care of me. Go home and drink in the garage.

BUT IT'S NOT CLOSING TIME I STILL HAVE 10 MINS -No you don't you were warned. You are on our time now.

DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I CAN BUY THIS BAR -Yes you are the spoiled kid either using the allowance your parents gave you or their credit card.

EASY ON THE ICE - So you are 1 of those people who don't tip and think easy ice means more booze.

YOU RUINED MY NIGHT BY KICKING ME OUT I'M GOING TO YELP ABOUT YOU - Please do so when I get home I can read it and laugh again about it BUT please get my name right.

I'M GOING TO GET YOU FIRED - Sweet the line is on the other side and take a number.


So take these into consideration next time you are out for drinks, and tip them good.



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