Well SON OF A... There's a list of the "Angriest" cities in America, and one f****** city in Illinois made this M&%# F@+$% list! Thrillist

America the Beautiful, and filled with piss and vinegar. There are some places across the country that have a bit of an attitude. I get it, I do. There's a lot out there that can get under your skin for sure. I mean just look at the price of eggs, what the hell. See I'm angry already! Grr!

So how does a list like this come about? Here's a short explaining from Thrillist:

We’re looking at the more irrational, often trivial anger-inducing behaviors that make up the DNA of a particular city’s inhabitants.

With that explanation, the list checks out what's really ticking people off in each state. it's a real "general" list of items that upsets folks:

  • Sports
  • Traffic
  • Tourism
  • Food
  • Other people from their city

Just for starters, "sports" is a big one. Being upset with your pro sports teams is a big deal and can really fire you up...I'll looking at you Illinois.

Speaking of Illinois, there is one Illinois city that made this list. Thankfully, it isn't Rockford. We are a calm and civilized bunch around here, or maybe not.

So here is the list of the Top 11 Angriest Cities in America:

11. Nashville

10. Las Vegas

9. Portland

8. San Fran

7. New York

6. Chicago - This comes with a calendar of anger starting at the first of the year with "hang over" anger...It goes from there. 

5. Detroit

4. Washington

3. Boston

2. Cleveland

1. Philadelphia


This is an angry list, from an angry group of cities. Reeeellllax.

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