It was a sad day for family, friends, Pinnon's regulars, basically everyone throughout Rockford. Last Wednesday, a shooting happened at Pinnon's Meat Market in Rockford. There are some people in the Rockford area that are doing what they can to benefit the family of the woman shot and killed. Facebook

Peggy Anderson was shot and killed.

Scott Cambell
Scott Cambell

Community members are stepping forward and trying to do what they can in this difficult time. This comes from the FB page of Brandi Andrus. There has been t-shirts made, and they have run through the first patch of them, with more to be made:

UPDATE::: shirts are sold out we will have more in store mid week. Come to Pinnons today and get your #pinnonstrong shirt. $20 proceeds going to Peggy’s family to help with expenses. THERE WILL BE MORE this was a fast short order, there will be more if the demand calls for it. Also help us fill our tip jar, we are allocating ALL tips to Peggy’s family as well. The Olympic Tavern is running a lunch special today serving Pinnons homemade brats donating proceeds as well.

A GoFundMe me page has been put together as well for the family of Peggy. CLICK HERE.  Hat's off to the Pinnon's folks for doing what they can during this very difficult time for all involved.

Now we let the Rockford Police do their job, which they will, and try to help the family as much as we can. That is #PinnonsStrong and #RockfordStrong (UPDATE SUSPECT HAS BEEN iDENTIFIED)


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