The "half-brother" of WWE's The Undertaker is running for Mayor.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

In Rockford we officially swear in Tom McNamara as our new Mayor on May 1st. In Knox County, Tennessee their new Mayor could possibly be the mask wearing, fire raising professional wrestler Kane.

About four years ago I had the chance to interview WWE Supestar Kane, by far the most intelligent Pro Wrestler I ever spoke to. I finished to conversation and thought, boy am I dumb.

So Kane (Glenn Jacobs) is running for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He's been an alderman, he’s a libertarian, and if you don't vote for him he may put you in a Tombstone Piledriver. Here is his not so scary political ad:

  • Tom "The Future" McNamara
  • Tom "The Tax Crippler" McNamara
  • Tom "The Hotel Builder" McNamara



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