Rockford Mayor, Tom McNamara, joined Double T this morning to let 96.7 The Eagle listeners know what Home Rule is all about.

In Rockford, it's been all over the news, media, internet, social media, and just about anywhere you look. It's the subject of "Home Rule" and should Rockford have it.

Just like everything in politics and government these days, discussions about "Home Rule" fuel heated debate.

I have some questions about it.

What is "Home Rule," can it help our community, and how will it affect me?

To get answers, I decided to go right to the source. The person that thinks we need it in Rockford and is spearheading the effort to bring it to our community. That would be the mayor of Rockford, Tom McNamara.

He came on my radio show this morning to discuss "Home Rule."

If you missed our conversation, here it is...

Video: Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara Explains Home Rule

I hope that helps you understand it a little bit more.

There is more information available at

No matter how you feel about "Home Rule," I have a couple of suggestions. Make sure you do research, so you can make an informed decision and get out to vote on March 20th.


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