Only California, which saw nearly $15 million in sales in its first week, had a bigger roll-out than Illinois.

The Land of Lincoln has become the Land of Long Lines and Deep Pockets over the last couple of weeks since the legalization and sale of recreational marijuana began. Those looking to buy weed legally for the first time in their lives were ready to spend some dough at Illinois' weed dispensaries--and they did.

Illinoisans spent nearly $20 million on recreational marijuana in the first 12 days of legalization, including nearly $13 million in the first week.

In Illinois, daily sales peaked at $3.17 million on January 1st when folks began lining up the night before for a chance to walk off with some flower, edibles, concentrates, etc.

Five days later, sales only reached $796,000 as some shops facing the effects of a pervasive supply shortage were forced to shut down sales to recreational shoppers or limit those sales. Sales rebounded somewhat but still haven’t hit the totals seen in each of the first four days of legalization.

All told, dispensaries recorded 495,385 unique transactions over the first 12 days, meaning the average purchase was about $40. The limited supply and high taxes have pushed the price of an eighth of an ounce of flower up to around $80 at some stores.

While shoppers continue to endure long lines to get inside certain stores, many have been happy to wait hours to get their first taste of legal pot.


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