KFC announced that they will be serving fries instead of wedges.

When it comes to the chicken at KFC, there's a longtime argument between people where they choose one or the other. There's no middle ground. That's original recipe or extra crispy. I'm an original recipe guy. Also, I'm going legs all day. My second choice is breasts.

Now, you might think that's it but there's another big choice to make when you're ordering from "The Colonial." It's what to get with it. Since the chicken is so famous, I think the sides are very underrated. I'm not going to lie, I've actually gone to KFC and skipped the chicken and just got the other stuff.

Check out the line-up... mashed potatoes with gravy, biscuits, mac & cheese, corn, coleslaw, and of course, my favorite, the wedges

If I came up with my own value meal, it would be legs, wedges, mashed potatoes with gravy, and mac & cheese. That's good eating.

There's only one problem. The wedges are gone. They have been replaced by fries. I'm very disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I like fries, but every place has them. Wedges were unique.

According to brobible.com,

"Sadly, I regret to inform anyone in the same position as myself that a glorious era has come to an end, as KFC recently provided the world with some bad news at a time when we already have enough to deal with by announcing its potato wedges are being phased out by the “Secret Recipe Fries” it began testing last year."

This could definitely affect my meal making choices in the future.

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