There is now a website in Illinois where you can report problematic railroad crossings.

You're running late for work. Of course, you're hitting every light along the way. Next, you get caught by a train. It's a freight. Just as you think it's about done, it slows down and comes to a stop. You're stuck there for several minutes. Finally, you arrive at work and greeted by an angry boss.

Now, what if this happens every day? I've had railroad crossings on my commute to work that if you don't time it right, better grab a Snickers because you're not going anywhere for a while. It really sucks but what can you do about it? Basically nothing, until now.

According to,

"There is a new effort underway to identify rail crossings that are causing the most delays and headaches for drivers.  The Federal Railroad Administration recently unveiled a website for the public to report blocked rail crossings. FRA officials say that collecting this data will help identify where chronic problems exist and better assess the underlying causes and overall impacts of blocked crossings – locally, regionally and nationwide. According to the FRA’s Blocked Crossing Incident Reporter, 262 complaints related to Illinois rail crossings have been submitted since December."

If you have a problem railroad crossing to report, HERE.

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