Forget Canada, I think I'm moving to London.


It has nothing to do with election results, and everything to do with a bar that has a ball pit.

Yes, a colorful ball pit exactly like the ones you played in as a kid. This one has 250,000 balls to run and play in and the place serves booze.

Speaking of the alcohol, that is pretty special as well. There are mixed drinks created with your childhood in mind. So basically you are going to love this place or all of your nightmares as a child will come back to haunt you.

The name of this amazing place is Ballie Ballerson and it's located in East London. Seriously, a bar with a giant ball pit would work in Rockford and you know it. We have foam parties, happy hour, all you can eat wings, bike nights, and shot girls. We can totally pull of a ball pit at a bar.