You might've been excited for The Last Dance, but nobody was more excited than Don Sperling.

Don made over 130 home videos of Michael Jordan and the Bulls. Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers, NBA Jam Session, and Come Fly With Me. Are a few among them.

To prepare for the new series, Sperling dusted off his old VHS tapes, and started rolling them. Sperling, who now works as the Vice President and Executive Producer of Entertainment for the New York Giants.

Some of his videos were featured as hour long NBAE specials, which we tracked down on YouTube.

Higher Ground (1988)- This year highlights Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant joining Jordan under head coach Doug Collins in the midst of the team building their unstoppable team.

Come Fly With Me (1989)- “Hi, my name is Michael Jordan. I want you to take a trip with me to learn the secrets that I have known for many years: that man was truly destined to fly.”

Michael Jordan's Playground (1990)- “This is where it all begins. The one kid alone on the playground. This is where you fall in love with the game. This is where the fantasy begins.”

Learning to Fly: The World Champion Chicago Bulls’ Rise to Glory (1991)-This episode follows the Bulls 1990-1991 season, when they set a franchise record; winning 61 games. This season also beat the notion that it was just "The Michael Jordan Show."

Untouchabulls: The Chicago Bulls’ 2nd Championship Season (1992)- “Fortified by their unity, the Bulls decisively took control of the contest. Closing out the series, Chicago gratefully put this unexpectedly grueling test of their championship mettle behind them.”

Michael Jordan: Air Time (1993)- This installment highlights Jordan's loss in triple-overtime against the Jazz, as well as him dealing with Magic Johnson's diagnosis and retirement, Sam Smith's "tell all" The Jordan Rules, and his friendship with Charles Barkley.

Three-Peat: The Chicago Bulls’ Historic Third Championship Season (1993)- "The 1990-91 to 1992-93 Bulls become only the third team in NBA history to win three championships in succession."

Unstop-A-Bulls: The Chicago Bulls 1995-96 Championship Season (1996)- “Seattle tried desperately to mount a comeback, but the Bulls countered with a one-man explosion that was enough to lower the Sonics’ boom.”

Space Jam (1996)Not part of the NBAE collection, this movie teams Jordan up with Bugs Bunny and friends to defeat the MONSTARS, a team of alien who've stolen the skills from Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Shawn Bradley, Larry Johnson and Muggsy Bogues. It's currently streaming on Netflix, and a great way to get your Jordan fix and entertain the kids too.

Michael Jordan: Above and Beyond (1996)- Narrated by Eriq La Salle (known for his role as Boomer along side Goose in Megafault), this episode highlights Jordan's response to his father's murder. “Erasing any doubts that he would reassert his dominance, Michael tortured opponents with a barrage of scoring.”

Chicago Bulls 1996-97 NBA Championship Season (1997)- “With their unique blend of talent and teamwork, the Bulls were stampeding their way through the season—and having fun doing it.”

Unforgettabulls: The 6th NBA Championship Season of the Chicago Bulls (1998)- With Pippen sidelined for the first 35 games, Jordan has to babysit Rodman. on Pippen's return, the team sits at 24-11, which they turn into a 62 win season.

Michael Jordan to the Max (2000)- This installment is shot on IMAX cameras, bringing an entirely new depth to the films. Narrated by Laurence Fishburne (Matrix, Contagion), the episode follows the playoffs and finals of the Last Dance season.

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